Thursday, January 12, 2012

HAPPY Birthday

One year I opened up my new calendar to find a count down to Bill Hutton's birthday written in January of that year. Classic.

He refers to his life as The Bill Hutton Show and will tell me about episodes. He starts with,"Today on The Bill Hutton Show...." My favourite from last year is the My Dog Got Skunked episode wherein his golden retriever gets sprayed at 2 a.m. in the face. After exhausting all sprays, shampoos, and potions he follows the advice of a friend--or Mr. Internet, I can't remember which-- and goes hunting for a specific kind of douche.  After going to a few stores, he finally found it at Walmart.

Yeah, it didn't work, either.

And I think his friend was just messing with him.

Then I found this photo & sent it to him of some random guy buying a douche at Walmart. Not as uncommon as you'd think.

Last Christmas he sent me an email: Gone But Not Forgotten . . . But Not Remembered Either. It was of his 2000 Christmas show from WKMZ, before he went to XM. So, so BRILLIANT. Here's a snippet.

I often sit with pen handy to jot down what he says because he's so funny. And we talk about everything and nothing; books and movies and stuff in general. He told me I should watch Archer. He described it as: "If James Bond were incompetent & got the job because of his mother." Still haven't watched it, but I loved his description.

He is sprinkled throughout my blog and has been a constant as I've navigated my way thru the last few years of change in my life; divorce, deaths, and moves. Not only one of the funniest people I know, but one of the kindest, too.  He'll prolly go to the gym today, where "It's just me and the old people and the MILFs." Hahahaha

You're the BEST, Jerry!

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