Friday, January 27, 2012

My Birthday

This giant box arrived from Amazon & the gift card was a clue:

I had a gluten free sandwich the other day. I don't know what gluten is, but apparently it's delicious.  So the gift bag sat in the living room for a week and then I finally got to open it. A bread machine! WOO-HOO!!!
From Mum: "BNO" = Blessing Number One, first born.  Doesn't everyone have to share their birthday with a famous dead composer? No? Just me, then? Too many notes.  

Card from Mum.
Here's the haiku from the Haikubes she got me:
Return fortune peace
Lofty wicked finger hump
Violet precious ground

Maybe I didn't do that right.  Moving on to more cards . . .

My favourite!  Dr. Seuss!  From John.

My v. first card from Joy.  :-)

This. This made me LOL.  *snort*

From my dear friend, Robbie.  

From me. Just in case no one got me this. Which no one did. So I'm glad I got it!

Birthday dinner at Brother Atlasta's. Making easy-lazy trifle which he fancied up.  Gluteny pound cake from Food Lion, cut in half.  Cover with strawberries, then Byrd's PROPER custard. Then whipped cream. Catholic Jesus & Mary candles fit perfectly in the middle. I got the cake for everyone else. I had ice cream.  :-) 
Last year it snowed on my birthday. When I was at my niece's b-day dinner, Brother Atlasta asked what I wanted for my b-day dinner. OMG!  I get to see my family on my b-day! And be with people. Ha!

Make a wish. 

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