Monday, January 30, 2012

Maggie on Monday Evening

Sorry this is a late post. A few pix from the week:

Maggie sniffing toward Neighbor Thomas's.

But then she nestles in. She's a nestler.

Another day exploring the yard.

With Tabby Bobcat walking along.

They have such a funny relationship. Maggie barks to let me know when Tabby wants to come into the house. She barks at Tabby to let her know she's going outside and I guess is giving her a polite, invitational bark to join her.
This past Thursday, we went for a visit to the vet & had to get a urine sample. How many dog owners and parents, for that matter, have spent hours praying for bodily functions to happen? Pleeeeeeeeease, for the love of all that is holy, just peeeeeeeeeeee! 
Maggie on her way back from a successful backyard trip.
So. This is the hard part to write, altho, not a surprise to anyone, I'm sure. Maggie doesn't have much longer with me. She's been steadily losing weight and is having kidney dysfunction and Dr. Morgan says she has a couple months. She's still her cheerful, waggy self and always by my side. Dr. Morgan showed me how to administer subcutaneous fluids, so we're doing that every other day. The first time I tried, I stabbed myself with the needle, of course.

I'm feeding her whatever she'll eat. Today she sniffed out a treat from the PetMeds box & even tho it was grain-based, prolly gluten, I let her eat it. She doesn't seem any worse for it. As long as she's not in pain, we'll take it day by day.

Every day seems a bit more precious . . .

Sunday morning on the front porch.


Whatcha lookin' at Mag?

Tabby in stealth mode, readying for a squirrel attack. (Unsuccessful. This time. Prolly wasn't hungry).

And then she comes back . . . 

And Maggie suns herself on the porch.

And Tabby dozes on the ramp.
And it's a beautiful day.

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