Monday, January 9, 2012

Maggie on Monday

I've been feeding Maggie raw food, and I've noticed that she's more mobile. She gets up and walks around more and likes to go sit on the front porch.

Can you imagine what she's watching so intently?

Hard to see, but Tabby Bobcat is in there hunting. 
I was away this weekend and was too late to get Maggie to Mystic Pet on time. Fortunately, my mother, the dog tolerator, let Maggie spend the night in her sun room. Here's Maggie after our ride to Mum's:

Can you see what's in the background?

The neighbor's dog.

He started to come over to say hullo, but I told him to go back. And he did!

Disappearing. I'd seen him at Xmas with another dog that he kept body slamming into, & I didn't want him to do that to Maggie. He's a real sweetie, but better to be safe than sorry. 
Here's Maggie all settled in on her bed:

I was a bit worried. I set up her water and food. And went in to take my things to my room. And she started barking. So I went to check on her. She was fine. I went back in to the kitchen to have a cup of tea with Mum & she started barking again.
Me: She's barking.
Mum: I don't hear her barking.
Me: Well, she is.
Mum: Well I'm not deaf. I can hear. And I don't hear her barking.
Me: Just because you don't hear her, doesn't mean she isn't.
Mum: Well!  You cahn't keep going in there. Just let her bark, she'll settle down.
Me: *sigh* She's in a strange place and alone. Of course she's barking.
Mum: You coddle her too much.

Yeah. No argument there! So I gave her some benedryl in some cheese and let her settle on her bed. And she fell asleep and slept thru the night. Saturday morning I took her to Mystic Pet until I picked her back up on Monday. We drove thru some snowy-rainy-icy weather, but made it home:

All cozy in the office with Tabby.  Zzzzzzz

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