Monday, April 15, 2013

B-Dog & T-Bob

I made a new discovery about Bingo. She does not like frozen blueberries! I was making a smoothie and spilled some onto the floor. One of the advantages of having a dog is the clean up of random food particles on the floor. But no! *sniff*  And then nothin'. And, she will not eat avocado. I was not adding it to her food. Again, I dropped some on the floor. She heard the drop from the living room and trotted in expectantly. She sniffed it and then looked at me with a "Really?" look. You know the kind. So I picked it up and held it out to her. *sniff*  Nothin'. "That is not even food" was the look I got.

Looking out the back door. 
 Back inside:

Sunday I went out the back door to take pix & when I came back:

So cute!

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