Monday, April 8, 2013

Bingo & Tabby Bobcat on Monday

I moved Bingo's dog bed from my bedroom into the LR:
This was an invitation for Tabby Bobcat, of course!

On our walk:

He loves to roll around in the dirt. Usually followed by sitting on my lap!

Bingo in the afternoon sunlight.

A photo to match her sunny disposition.  :-)
 This makes me nervous:
There are plenty of dirt-spots on the driveway, he doesn't have to be so close to the road!

But as soon as he sees us heading back, he follows:

If I hadn't seen this:

I wouldn't have known that the turkey hawk (buzzard?) was what Bingo was tracking:

Spring is springing:

Apparently there are some sniff-worthy smells around the porch:

Tabby Bobcat looks on.

I have yet to capture a nose kiss between these two. It's v. sweet. T-Bob walks off.

And leaves Bingo.  *sniff*

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