Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring Time with Bingo & T-Bob

It's so BEAUTIFUL & GREEN!  The last week has been a burst of colour and sound and springish glory.
Down to the lake.

Under the bent tree.

Over the log.

Down the trail.

Under a canopy of green.

Hugging trees.

T-Bob always joins us for our walks. 

Tabby going for the leash. 

See? Poised to go after it. Meanwhile, Bingo is starting to wrap the leash around a little tree. 
It was a beautiful week. Bingo is extra-sniffy with so many things to follow: snakes & rabbits & other creatures. She found a dead squirrel, but I don't think it was a victim of T-Bob because it wasn't headless!

Aaaaand after our walk:
And then it starts:
The sound you don't hear is nails on a chalk board window.


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