Monday, April 29, 2013

Bingo, Tabby & RoRo

T-Bob & B-Dog, just hangin' out:

Nephew RoRo LOVES "Mango," & she is so good with him!

Belly rubs!

This was the day of Mum narrowly escaping eating a caterpillar.

RoRo showing Bingo how to open the door. As we all know, she knows!

She's not going to fit. Much to her dismay!

 They all eventually learn it. The cheesey smile:
Where he actually says, "CHEEEEEEESE!"
I made a new discovery about Bingo this week. We were walking in the woods, and I heard a bird cry and looked over to see Tabby with something in his mouth. I call him to me and he dropped it; not a bird, a squirrel. And then!  THEN Bingo flashed forward and grabbed the squirrel in her mouth, did that Death Shake thing that dogs do, and before I could stop her, there was nothing but the tail sticking out of her mouth. Ugh. Twitching.  I was yelling at her, "DROP IT!" And she wouldn't let go. I had to pry her jaws open and out dropped the poor squirrel. Poor thing.  

Sunday morning, Bingo was looking v. intently at a pile of leaves and then she leapt up and then pounced. I don't know what was in there, a mouse? She looked just like this little fox I used to watch in the front field at the River House.  I pulled her away and we continued on our walk. I can't fault her; it's her instinct. [Side note here: Whenever I think of that word "instinct," I'm reminded of Brother Atlasta telling a story at the dinner table. He was maybe 7 years old, and was talking about some TV show where they showed a lion going after another animal. And he finished his story with, "And his instincts were hanging out," meaning to say "intestines." Hahahaha]

So that was our week. I was going to title this post, "Bingo, Squirrel Slayer," but thought better of it.  Hopefully the next Bingo post will be about cute-things-Bingo-did or another-food-Bingo-hates. Perhaps I'll offer her some mango--now that would be ironical if she spits it out. Stay tuned . . . .

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