Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sammy the Snake Sunday

I was walking Bingo in the back yard and I looked over . . . 

Uh oh.

I put Bingo back in the house & came back out with my camera, of course.

I tried to pick up T-Bob and get him away from the snake, but he swiped at me, so I dropped him like a cat with razor sharp nails swiping at me. Since it wasn't poisonous, I figured T-Bob could handle his own bad self.

In the meantime, John Morgan called me and was giving me photog pointers:
Get on the ground.
Get closer. 

He'll look at this & say, "Not close enough. You have to get at eye-level with animals & children." 
Then T-Bob kinda lost interest:

Except something caught his eye. 

Aaaaaand he goes back:
Because the snake was making his escape.

Watch out! He's ready to strike! (Or SHE. I'm not up on snake genders).

In the meantime:
What's going on?

Looking right at me.

The snake was about 4 feet long. 

2 hours later when Bingo & I came out for a walk, she sniffed along & tracked the snake's path. 

T-Bob settled onto a branch to look over the snake.

And then something else catches T-Bob's eye.

This is the part where John will say I didn't get close enough to the snake.

Close enough for you?

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