Thursday, April 4, 2013

Living Room: Before & After

I promised Mum to post pix of all my hard work. Harhar

Keepin' it real. Behind the chair on the right is where I hid the litter box. And then I got the cat door so Tabby Bobcat could go outside. Except for when it snowed.  *sigh*  But it is now GONE, barring any April blizzards.  

That brown mahogany-type piece to the right of the chair is where I feed the cat. It has 2 pull-out bins to hold the food. But I also have a book case behind the chair with blocks & games for the kiddliewinks, not v. accessible.

Like I said, keepin' it real. I keep the furniture covered to protect it from cat & dog hair. 

Love my wall o' books. And little closety-type thing on the end.
Doesn't look too different. Except I moved the cat's feeding station!

Before putting on fresh covers. 

A lot less cluttered. 
Tabby Bobcat was a bit confused.

Where is my food?

NOT amused.
I have to keep his food out of reach of Bingo, because she WILL eat whatever she can reach! So I moved Tabby's food station to where he spends a lot of time:
In my office.  It took a while before he adjusted. For the first few days, he'd jump up in front of the TV and just MEOW in protest. But now he's gotten used to it. 

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