Monday, December 1, 2014

Doggie Monday

Buddy certainly encourages me to be a bit neater. And by "encourage" I mean shred it if it's within reach. No clutter on the night stand because he'll reach right over and and start chewing. Kleenex boxes are not safe. Or any books I'm reading. But look at this cutie-pie:
 Notice anything in the forefront?

Now that the nightstand is clear, he BRINGS other things into bed:

His "chew toy" milk carton.
 Or what's left of it!

Another Day in the Boudoir
All nestled in the sheepskin.
And here's Tabby Bobcat:
I got a box & arranged a blanket for him.

In The Office
Bingo: Zzzzzzz
Waking up. "Huh?"
What's this?! 
Taking my shoe RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!
Last time he trotted off to the living room & plunked down on a dog bed. But he stays because:
Reggie.  :-)
 He's even letting me get some photos of him on the bed with Bingo. He's come such a long way!
 Notice the shoe on the bed . . . 
Thanks, Buddy.
 When I'm at my desk, he climbs up onto the chair and sits behind me. Then I get up:
Chair takeover.
I was vid-chatting with a friend, so I took a pic:

Thanksgiving at Rita's
This picture says it all!
This is Lawnmower Ben's dog, Toby. Gorgeous husky-shepherd mix!

When I got home from Rita's, the Sniff Fest began:
"You were at Dana & Roy's without us?!"

Bingo-Dingo.  :-)
"Wait a MINute!  I smell THAT Toby, too!" Reggie got into a
 tussle with Toby on his last vizzie, so he is NOT a fan! 

Here's Buddy getting a bit exuberant--poor Bingo got a paw in the eye!

Here's Tabby coming to greet me:
See the Thought Bubble over his head?
"Stupid dogs."
In the Living Room

I love that Reggie is feeling comfortable enough to be in the Lean-back chair--and that he doesn't immediately scamper away when he sees me or the camera! But then if you look in his crate, you'll notice that Buddy has once again usurped Reggie's domain. I know this won't sound like a good thing, but I was sitting in the chair watching TV & he came over and licked the side of my tea cup. When I first got him, he wouldn't have come that close to me, let alone even try to lick a dish or anything. He continues to become braver and trustier with me. I think Buddy has a bit to do with that. Bingo was already with me when he joined the household. He has seen how kind I am with Buddy--even when he's been destructive. I was bummed when he got to my Ugg boots, but I can still wear them, so whatever. No thing matters more than these guys.  :-)  HAPPY Monday!

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