Monday, December 29, 2014

Doggie Monday

I have to say, no major destruction from the beagle boy this week. Just the usual. Can't have tissue boxes within reach, or open trash bins. Or shoes. Boy does he have me trained! You know what's cute? When he growls in his sleep. He doesn't even do it when he's awake. And then his little feet start twitching. SO CUTE!

Cheap Toys
Yogurt containers, milk cartons & this:
Tube left over from wrapping paper.

I got a package, so Buddy had some fun:

The LR was a WRECK! But it was all in good fun.  :-)

This was funny. I gave Buddy an olive:

He took it to his bed:
"Perhaps this will taste better here."  But no. Buddy does not like olives.
 Gratuitous Boudoir Shots
Because there have not been enough of these!
Buddy & Tabby, keeping the peace. Sharing the sheepskin. 


In The Office
Tabby looking up at the printer. "What is THAT?"

We've continued to have temperate weather; perfect for hanging out on the back deck:

His tail goes swishy-swish. :-)
I didn't put my jammies away fast enough:

Xmas prezzies! Costco has Bully sticks again!

 Another shot of Buddy, but I was trying to get him to pose with a hat:

It didn't really work out:

I tried a coupla times, but then he just went after the tassel-ball:

 Bingo was a bit more cooperative:

Sort of.

I didn't even try to put a hat on Reggie! And the hat is too big for Tabby. And that was Christmas. Rita asked me a coupla weeks ago if I was going to get a Christmas tree. Husband Lee laughed and said, "Can you imagine BUDDY with a Christmas tree?!"  Hahahaha  Exactly. First, he'd mark it. Then he'd take all the ornaments off. And then he'd prolly try to climb the tree. So no tree this year. Because of Buddy. Yeah, that's why. HAPPY Monday & HAPPY almost New Year!  :-) 

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