Sunday, December 14, 2014

Xmas Prezzie for Brother Atlasta

Last year I gave Daniel a doormat he requested. Actually, as I recall, he bought it and then handed it to me to give to him for Christmas. Anyway, I found some cheesy Justin Bieber gift wrap and put it under the tree. Hahahaha

So this year, after he put the tree up, I gave him this:
For those wondering, I just glued some festive ribbon around the base of a tea box.
 Mum teases me about keeping tea boxes. "What are you going to DO with it?" 
"Use it as a gift box." 
[insert eye roll from Mum]

And this is what I got him:

Mum: Who's that?
Niece: Justin Bieber.
Mum: Who's Justin Beaver?
Niece: Justin BeeeeBER!
Mum: Oh.  Who's that?
Atlasta: Nobody.


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