Sunday, December 21, 2014

Doggie Monday

Progress this week!  Reggie has been coming to greet me at the door (at the door!!!) when I come home. He's right there with the rest of the dogs. Licking my knees. As you do. When you're Reggie.

Here's my view one day out the window:
Reggie sitting up. Bingo on the right.



In The Office
He comes in to say hi.
 Whatchya lookin' at, Buddy?

Oh.  Tabby.
Doing the Snoopy Chin Rest:

 As you can see, Reggie is in 'n' out a lot:

Zzzzz . . . . 

Changing positions:

Tabby begins the Groom Fest:

Waking up Buddy:

But then he dozes back to sleep:

Then awake:

But . . . 

Slowly . . .

Tabby still grooming:


Aaaaand . . .

Zzzzz . . . .

More progress; Reggie on the labyrinth rug next to me.
Even if he wouldn't cooperate for a photo!
Leaving Buddy behind:

In the Living Room
Mum gave me these great cardboard pieces to use in the wood stove. Here's one:

Thanks, Mum!
In the Boudoir
Buddy & Tabby both help me to put things away; Buddy because he'll chew it. And Tabby because he'll just get it all hairy. *sigh*  Here he is in the laundry basket:

 As you can see, I disturbed him:

Sharing the Bed:

We've spent a lot of time outside. The weather has been really nice; crisp but sunny. Here's Buddy playing with an acorn (or something)!


Yes, washed out in the afternoon sun . . . .

One more because it's Buddy & he's such a cutie-pie:
See? Total cutie-pie. Love this little guy. :-) 
HAPPY Monday!

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