Monday, December 8, 2014

Doggie Monday

Reggie on the Lean-back chair. :-) Progress! 
Guess who got on the dog bed with REGGIE?!  Yup. He was with Bingo on the bed in my office. I turned around s-l-o-w-l-y and massaged his neck. He makes that chewing noise--you know the kind. Like horses do to say, "I'm a vegetarian, I won't eat you."  Then I slinked down and sat beside him. It reminded me of when we first met and he was hiding from the Russian couple behind me. Anyway, HUGE progress!  :-)
 In The Office
I took the first 2 of these with my iPad:


Reggie coming in . . .
I was on the phone with John Morgan and got a call on the other line. It was a wrong number and when I got back to John, he said, "Perhaps it was for another dog."  Hahahaha  Because, you know. That's how Buddy weaseled into my life. 
Sitting like a cat.  :-)

For a little guy, he's such a bed hog!

Come on, Buddy. Share

But then:

Can you see the thought bubble over Bingo's head? "Hehhhh. Cats."

But then:

With Reggie!

Bingo will take belly rubs in lieu of being on the bed:

 But then:

Bingo gets the bed.  :-) Zzzz . . . . 

Battle of the Cat/Beagle Door 

Buddy has figured out how to open the cat door. Gah! So I've tried several blockade variations:

 This one works, but it's a bit of a pain to maneuver. Still, keeps him in . . . 
Look at this face:

I was gathering all the dog blankets to wash and this:
He made a nest, of course!
In addition to sitting like a cat, this:

Shredding milk cartons. :-)
We've had a lot of rain, so the dogs have had an Eat-the-mud Fest:

* said with English accent

This is one time I managed to move the cat food away before Buddy could woof it down:

*sigh* I think he eats more cat food than the cat!
"Foiled this time."
 You'd think I'd learn! But I left my bedroom slipper within reach and this:

So I went to get the camera, and was otherwise distracted, so this:

But he's so cute:

 Kong Time!
A tablespoon of peanut butter is an hour of fun:

Tabby gets in the way:

Buddy moves onto the bed:

Here's Reggie in his crate:

But then they finish with theirs, and the Kong Swap begins:
Reggie with Buddy's.
"Hey . . . ."

But then:
Buddy with Reggie's.

And then:
Bingo with Reggie's.

Buddy investigates:

And then finds something else sniff-worthy:

And then:
Reggie adds Bingo's to the collection.
 I was sitting in my meditation chair and Buddy joins me. So this:
Prince of the pillows.

LOVE this little guy!  :-)
HAPPY Monday!

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