Tuesday, December 16, 2014

New 2015 Labyrinth Journal & Another Labyrinth E-Book

Every year I make a new labyrinth journal. It started with this one:

That's my Healing Labyrinth Path CD cover as the labyrinth artwork. Then a
transparency sheet over that with purple dimensional paint to make a finger labyrinth.

I got it bound at the local office supply store.

The Labyrinth Journal 2012 was the first time I offered it to the general public. Prior to that, I was making journals by hand to give to friends and family. You can still get The Labyrinth Journal. The focus is on labyrinths and creativity and writing. Here's 2013's:
Pretty paper as a cover, with sparkley dimensional paint on transparency sheet on top of that.
 This year's:
We can see a theme, here . . . 
 For the first time, I've written another one to offer the general public again : The 2015 Labyrinth Journal: Wishes, Desires, & Aspirations. This is different from the first one in that there's not a lot about labyrinths or writing. It's more about setting goals and planning out your year.

Here's my 2015 journal:
I printed out the cover onto a piece of scrapbook paper, cut to size.
I know this is a bit hard to read, but since it's mine, I know what it says.
I could take a Sharpie to it, but . . . meh.  Because I'm lazy.
Then I added a finger labyrinth with glow-in-the-dark dimensional paint:

Here's the back; Chartres Cathedral labyrinth printed onto scrapbook paper:

Here's a labyrinth journal I've made for a friend:
Chartres Cathedral labyrinth printed onto scrapbook paper. Quote strips on 
the left, ready to go!  Will prolly Sharpie the title so it's easier to read . . . .
And the back:

Both journals are Pdf's that you download so that you can print it yourself. It takes a bit of time to put together, but is much cheaper to do it this way. Plus, you can make it as personal & unique as you are! Here's a link to my Etsy shop to check out both journals. I am working on offering these as hard copies, but for now, they are only available as pdfs.

Labyrinth Arts Projects

I had started a book on Labyrinth Arts Projects when I was at the River House. It's a collection of all my labyrinth projects that I've written about on the blog, or have on my website. I've also included templates for original labyrinth designs like my butterfly design and heart labyrinth. So I've finished it & it's a pdf, instant download as well. 

So there you go--not a mention of a dog anywhere in this post!  It's a Christmas miracle. ;-)

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