Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cash Machine Report

I have doctor-friend who teases me about my dissertations after I've attended a seminar. It's true, I get v. excited when I learn new things. And I get doubly excited when it's in the arena of healing or personal development. Loral Langemeier falls into both those categories, I think. Her Cash Machine workshop is 3 days of financial empowerment and more. So much of what she was saying reminded me of Bruce Lipton. She's growth and expansion-oriented. Just as Bruce says we respond according to our environment, Loral teaches you to create a financially prosperous environment in which you can thrive. And just like Bruce, she's one of the most joyful, FUNny people you'll meet. She's all about breaking through limiting beliefs and past programming to create the life that you've always wanted:

The life that is waiting to live you.

I'm going to give a few classic Loral quotes:

SO WHAT? NOW WHAT? It doesn't matter what happened in the past. It doesn't matter what excuse you have. It doesn't matter. Because you can...

Say YES & figure out how. Because...

It's not difficult, it's different.

Carry the story of your life, or can change it.

No one's going to give you permission to be rich.

Interesting that these concepts are universal and can be applied to any area of your life beyond finances, isn't it? I watched her work with a woman and she said to her, "You're a very powerful woman. You just don't know it yet." This woman was having a hard time getting congruent in presenting her product. She was shy and feeling awkward and battling against some poverty patterns. Her transformation at the end of the seminar was remarkable. She was a completely different person: powerful, indeed.

There are many reasons that people go to Cash Machine. Some people want financial freedom. They want to get out of debt. Some people want to have financial security. Some people have always dreamed of having their own business. Some people want a big house and a more luxurious lifestyle. Whatever your goals are, this seminar is the doorway to all of that and more. The part I appreciate is that I don't have to know it all before I start. There are people available to put on your team so that you can do what you do best, and they handle the rest. One last quote:

Focus on your strengths, and hire your weaknesses.

...and start earning money before you leave the seminar. How cool is that?

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