Friday, November 21, 2008

The Way I See Me

I got these AWESOME photos yesterday from Moriah Diamond, creator of the The Way I See Me photography. I watched her leap around (and encourage others to leap around!) with a huge SMILE the whole time. Here enthusiasm is contagious! You know those inspirational photos with little captions underneath? She makes YOU the inspirational photo and you can create any caption, quote, or affirmation that you want. So go check her out and tell her I sent you!

On the last day of the seminar, after we've learned all about marketing and selling our services and products, we have a Market Place where we mill about and do just that. We tape a sign to ourselves front and back:

Your muscles will melt...
because I'm a massage therapist. But if you don't have time, or you want a relaxing meditation, you can listen to my Virtual Massage CD--with built-in muscle-melting hypnotherapy. Yummy. Back tomorrow with the full Cash Machine Report!

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