Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Stoopid Spammers

Last night I clicked on an invitation from a friend for Reunion.com.


It sent an "invitation" from me to all my contacts. This is prolly how I got the initial email in the first place. I spent the next hour sending an email out to everyone warning them not to click. I'm trusting that peripheral acquaintances will say Hali Who? and hit delete. The worst is that it went to Seth Godin, the King of Anti-Spam. YIKES! Speaking of, here's quote from his blog today:

Some bosses don't want to hire people who have a vision, a personality and a shtick. That's okay. You don't want to work for them anyway.

This is so true. When I've gone on an interview I've asked myself Do I want to spend my time like this with these people? It's more like I'm interviewing them. It's nice to be appreciated for being something other than a drone. And it's nice that I have a boss-friend-mentor John Morgan who really does appreciate my schtick. Yes, I'm schticky. But so is he. Whenever he fills out paperwork he puts "philosopher" for occupation. Hahahaha I guess it's not a hot occupation like it was a few centuries ago, Kierkegarde, Plato, & whatnot. Still, it's an apt description. His Grasshopper Notes are AWESOME! Insightful, witty & wise.

Well. I'm just rambling, now aren't I? My head is swimming with a To Do List, so I'll sign off here. :-) H.

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