Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ellen has not called me yet

Political Pumpkin. YUM.

Isn't this a cool pumpkin? It was taken somewhere in Atlanta by a friend I've recently reconnected with, thanks to Facebook. It's taken with an iPhone. None of the fancy cameras could properly catch it because their flashes kept going off.

So I mentioned I'm voting, right? And it was in part thanks to Ellen for deciding to do my duty as an A-MER-ican citizen. Hahahaha I said do my duty. [I think I'm channeling my brother]. Anyway, back to Ellen: I'm going to a Loral Langemeier seminar in CA this week. And since I'm traveling all that way, and I dance with Ellen everday, I'm extending my visit a coupla extra days and going to Burbank with the hopes of getting into her show. I wrote for tickets. I got nothin'. I got crickets, as XM Radio Guy says. So I'm going on faith. Afterall, I managed to get into David Letterman back in the 80's when he had a 2-year waiting list . . . . so this shouldn't be so hard, right? Well, we'll just put The Secret to the test, shall we?

In any case, I know I'm going to have FUN no matter what. I get to see my best friend from my Skymont days, Henny. She's the reason I finally joined Facebook. I'm really getting EXCITED about this trip--everything will be icing on the gluten-free cake after Loral!

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Michael Rachap said...

Didja get to see Ellen? Didja? Didja?
And how was the seminar? Tell all! (What am I saying? You're a blogger. Of course you'll tell all.)