Sunday, November 23, 2008

Day of Rest: Note from Mum

Read with proper English accent:

I just managed to get into my mail and hope I am able to remember where I clicked ! I didn't get here until Fri.evening .The ferry from Aberdeen was cancelled because of bad weather.The short version of the story is that I hitched-hiked north to Thurso to catch the Scrabster ferry.They run 3 a day and I would have been stuck in Aberdeen for two more nights .It was about 200miles and so stayed in a Band B on FRi. only one ferry ran and it went a different route to avoid really rough seas.and took twice as long as usual .From way up north the ferry ride is only about one and a half hours.I arrived in a fierce hail storm which later changed to snow .Ah.Orkney in the winter!! Anyway I am having a fine time .and will write again later. L.M.

CLASSIC QUEEN ANNE. Here's what we'll be joking about around the T-day table:

And then the ferry driver had a heart attack so I simultaneously resuscitated him while maneuvering around a treacherous iceberg in the dark, but good thing I carry a flashlight.

Hahahaha LOVE you, Mum!

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Anonymous said...

Lol. My lord she sounds like a hoot:).