Thursday, April 29, 2010

Shades of Green

This spring has been so extra-glorious-beautiful. It's beautorious! It's gloriful!

This a.m.'s sunrise.

Inside. Twinkle lights. :-)

Yesterday, I ventured over the mountain thru Fort Valley into Woodstock.

On top of the mountain. AWESOME!!!

Pioneer Sister & I went to the Fibersmyth shop. All things fiber-and-yarny. They also have a sweet restaurant with so many things I could eat. Usually it's a challenge eating out when you're gluten free. But you could order any sangwich as a salad. With real greens. How cool is that?! Sometimes I'm stuck staring at the menu saying, "Um. I'll have the wilted iceberg lettuce with the anemic-hothouse-tomatoes-prolly-genetically-modified. No dressing, thanks." Bleh. Pioneer Sister and I had a big pot of proper tea. After lunch, we popped into the shop. The owner, British Elizabeth, sat behind her desk clicky-clacking away with knitting needles as we chatted. Can't wait to take Mum!

I told Elizabeth that her shop was Yarn Pornography. ;-)

Then it was back down the mountain & thru the forest:

Ended with tea with Mum & her famous omelets.

Overall Beach, a 2-minute boat ride or 50 minutes by car to get home.

Delicious day. :-)

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