Saturday, April 10, 2010

HAPPY Springy Saturday

Well. John wryly noted that it was still "Flea and Tick Day" on my blog yesterday, so I thought I would post. So here's the deal: I'm really bummed! I left my camera cable at Brother D's, I think, and I can't download any of my fab pix. Hehhhh . . . so I'm less inspired to post.

This week has been SO BEAUTIFUL! Spring is springing and I've had laundry out on the line. Lawnmower Mel has already been here to mow. He was so surprised to see the changes in Maggie & Millie. He met them the first week they were here when I still had them in the art studio/garage. "They could barely walk. What was that word you used?"

"What word? Geezer?"

"No. It was something else." Then he said how well they were walking and how good they look; shiny coats and whatnot. :-) Yay, Wild Alaskan Salmon oil!

So we kept talking--usually weather talk is rather innocuous, but we had Blizzard Comparisons to make! In the meantime, M&M sneaked all the way down to the field in front of my house! I said, "For geriatric dogs, they're pretty fast!"

"That's the word!" Lawnmower Mel exclaims.

Here are a few pix from the archives of my front yard:

Summer time. Looking pretty shaggy. You can sorta see a train going thru the trees in the background.

Winter time. I love this shot because the mountains are all frosty in the background and there's Remi in the foreground & Barkley waaaaay down the field looking like a black speck.

Favourite shot! With a rainbow. :-)

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