Sunday, May 11, 2008

Day of Rest: Mother's Day

First Day of Advent, December 2007

You appreciate your mother most when you are faced with children your own. I got an instant family of 2 boys when I got married. I’m standing in Son#2’s room and I said, “I can’t see your floor.” OMG. Who said that??? I’m channeling my mother! My sibs and I will all marvel: How did Mum do this with 6 children??? On my 7th birthday, we moved from California to Virginia in a van: 4 1/2 children: one potty-training, one in diapers and the fifth child on the way!

Some people say that we remember our lives in moments. When I think of Mum, I remember those special moments of celebrations and family gatherings. More than that, I think of those days of ordinariness; the daily rituals & routines that I did with my step-sons and that I see my sibs recreating with their own children—things like bedtime with stories, cooking together, and eating family meals together. What Mum did with us seems like such a rare commodity today: she gave us her time and attention. Even with 6 of us, she managed to create stability and structure. She never had to say she cared. It was her caring for us that was evident. It was the activities she orchestrated like polishing the silver together or covering our books at the beginning of the school year. Winter days where Mum had made proper slow-cooked porridge over night on the stove. Summer trips to the library.

We grow up learning without knowing we’re learning what is important in life. And here it is: Learning new things is fun and adds spice to life.
There’s no use in complaining about doing an unpleasant task; just do it and then it’s done.
Read books: for new knowledge, for entertainment, to relax.
Limit TV time.
Sugar, candies & desserts are for special occasions. It’s not a treat if you do it all the time.
Take care of yourself and your environment.
Brush everyday and floss.
Eat together as a family.
Dothings together: not just the fun stuff, but the daily chores like raking leaves or cleaning the house.
Ignorance is not an excuse: learn.
YOU CAN DO IT—no matter what “it” is.

THANKS, MUM. I am SO GRATEFUL and proud to be your daughter. LOVE, :-) Hal.

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