Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Serving of Eckhart

One of my favourite diners in WV on Rt. 340--awesome sweet potato fries! Food-related photo explained below because one always thinks of diners when pondering consciousness in the world of Eckhart Tolle.

Last night was Eckhart's last webinar with Oprah. He was talking about being present in whatever you're doing and he used the example of a waiter. It sparked a memory of my first lunch with John Morgan. We were at Applebee's (or Crapplebee's as my brother says) and John asked the waitress for a napkin. When she returned to the table, she tossed the napkin at him and had turned around before it hit the table. He did a v. funny imitation of her, which of course she missed. She did all the waitress things: she took our orders, served our drinks, brought our food. All without any lifeforce behind it. It was a glorious illustration of lack of presence. Conversely, on our way to St. Johnsbury, we stopped at a v. quaint trolley-car-turned-restaurant and had a whole happy dining experience. The food was just regular food, but the waitress was SO nice; we laughed & swapped from-a-big-family stories. She was there.

I see why Eckhart calls it The Power of Now. In our culture of multi-tasking, our attention is divided and our energy dispersed. When you pull your energy from the past and future, you have ALL of it for the present moment. In that moment, you find stillness and are connected to the Source. And then you allow that lifeforce to live through you instead of struggling to force things to happen.

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