Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Quantum Change

Einstein knew that every cell in the body generates an electromagnetic field, and that energy is a common denominator in the functioning of every aspect of the human body. Einstein and other physicists sensed, however, that there is a universal energetic underpinning, something bigger that serves as an organizing causal agent…[Lynn McTaggart] summarizes recent discoveries by writing that we live in “one vast quantum field,” an energetic living matrix in which “we are constantly exchanging information”—with each other, with the field, and throughout the field. This, she believes, is why ancient healing traditions were and are so effective: healers access the energetic living matrix to help people balance their electromagnetic field. ~Chloe Wordsworth

Chloe is the creator of Resonance Repatterning and author of Quantum Change Made Easy. She has had a profound impact on my life and the lives of all her students world-wide. I’m so excited to be reading her book and to know that her work is going to a broader audience.

Many of the healing modalities I use come directly from Chloe’s teaching. Harmonic overtone chanting, breathing exercises, coloured light therapy to name a few. Why does one modality work on one person and not the other? Why can a person go from this to that and then FINALLY they discover X (acupuncture, tuning forks, fill-in-the-blank) and they are healed? Chloe says it’s because all healing modalities are perfect when they’re the right one. Resonance Repatterning teaches a simple system of kinesiology for being able to identify quickly what healing modality is appropriate for that particular issue.

The beauty of Resonance Repatterning is that it works in person or if you’re on the other side of the planet. (Think Quantum Field, we’re all connected, yada yada). On Monday morning, my boss John Morgan, called me to have me cancel his radio interview for that day. He was in the middle of passing a kidney stone—altho he managed to do his first interview through it! Anyway, I did some healing modalities for him and he was going to the doctor. A couple hours later, I walked to the post box and Chloe had sent me her book. I opened it and asked the question: What do I need to do for John right now? I turned to page 136:

Two students have reported doing Resonance Repatterning sessions on themselves to identify the pattern underneath the symptom of their painful kidney stones…The modality both practitioners needed for their individual patterns turned out to be tuning forks. They needed different notes and they needed to move the tuning forks over different areas—one over the pelvis and the other over the kidney area.

Now. I had done tuning forks on acupuncture points for John earlier. But reading that last bit, I took my proxy teddy bear and did a tuning fork around him. I could feel the energy of the stone shifting as I sensed a yellowish cloud disperse from the back of the kidney area. John was asleep during this, and when I was finished, I went down to the river with Fisherman Willie. My work was done. When John woke up, he passed the stone. He is on the mend, and garnered some new stories to tell. Always the BEST!

If you’re interested in learning more about Resonance Repatterning, I invite you to check out a class. It’s a wonderful tool for self-healing as well as for working with others. And if you ever have the opportunity to study with Chloe, GO. Even if you take the same class with her again and again, you will learn something new. I have taken her (acupuncture) Meridians class 3 (or 4?) times, and I get a deeper appreciation of this work each time. THANK YOU, Chloe. MUCH, MUCH, LOVE, :-) H.

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