Saturday, May 3, 2008

Out of Pocket

To: XM Radio Guy
Knoxville Radio Guy
Youngstown Radio Guy
Carmax Computer Guy
My Website Guy

Cc: Purple Cow Guy
Grasshopper Notes Guy

Favourite latest buzzword (from Albany Radio Guy): Out of pocket.

e.g. I've been out of pocket these past two days, I was at a funeral. (direct quote)

Really? Are you back in pocket? What else are your pockets doing?

Re: Out of Pocket
From: Carmax Guy

Ha ha...we say "out of pocket" at CarMax too. We also "spin up" tacticals (small projects). Sometimes I'll say things like,"Sorry Gary, I can't spin up any new tacticals because I'll be in Atlanta and out of pocket all week."I dig corpspeak

Today I'm OOP with many busy's, back tomorrow. ;-) H.

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