Monday, August 25, 2008

At the Beach

My brother has gotten me connected and has repaired the house's wifi whatever. Thanks, bro! This is this a.m.'s view from the top of the toppest deck on our beach cottage:

The sun is up, I'm so happy I could scream.
(Fat Bob reference, see previous post)

Last night at sunset.

*sigh* cute doggie prints

The house is AMAZING. It reminds me of step aerobics classes from the '90's--4 levels of stairs! All open & airy & gorgeous. My brother, the kitchen snob who travels with his fancy coffee maker and chef supplies, says this is the best house they've stayed at so far. Awesome kitchen: fab workspace, kitchen appliances, & even tupperware. Whoever owns this is all about family. Not just that, but there are sweet little messages from Joy around the house giving instructions on how to work things. It's been a v. welcoming experience. [Insert Spread a little JOY joke here.]

This is my first visit with my SIL's fam on their yearly beach vacation. Everyone is asking Where is your mother? Gearing up for her trip to Hungary to build a house with Habitat for Humanity. Ohhhhh...right...they say, followed by: How old is she? They are not surprised. We miss you, Mum! So that's my report from the beach. Back tomorrow! :-) H.

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