Monday, August 4, 2008

Mighty Mitochondria

I'm back from blogging vacation and do I have many blog-worthy tales-to-tell! I'm starting with Dan Murphy, tho, because this past weekend seminar was my most recent adventure. WOW! He makes me want to be a doctor. I think I'll take a topic a day for the week or rest-of-the-month because otherwise this post would be way long. So here goes:

Essentially, the mitochondria of your cells are the factories that produce energy. I know a little about cells from massage school and of course, Bruce Lipton. Here's what I missed: you don't just have a single mitochondria in your cell. You can have MANY. Not only that, you can create more. What does this mean in practical terms? It means more energy. So this is the part where those who know me are going to laugh: one of the easiest ways to create more mitochondria is to exercise. Regularly. That's why when you exercise, you get more energy even tho you're expending energy. [The only caveat to that is that if you get wiped out from exercising or have chronic fatigue, then you have to get evaluated for adrenal exhaustion.] The next part of the equation is diet. Which is tomorrow's topic. What Dan says will blow your mind. Think you know what's healthy? Stay the meantime, I'm going for a walk.

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