Sunday, August 17, 2008

Day of Rest: Moon Rise

The moon rises for the past 2 nights have been gloriously spectacular. My photos have not captured their splendor. Here's the dot from last night:

I have a little Casio camera. For the most part it makes me a much better photographer than I am because I don't have to fuss with F-stops & stuff. It also has a feature where you can choose a setting (outdoor, candle light, night time, etc.) So I changed the setting:

Hmmmm . . . streaky. And I got a "J" for . . . Jesus? So then I moved the camera on purpose as I took the photo:

Kinda like a heart kite. :-) So then I changed the setting:

And that's the best I can do. If I ever get serious about photography, I'll get a real camera and go study with Holly or Nancy. For now, I like being able to slip it in my pocket and go.

I have had a rather philosophical week, and will post something about religion tomorrow. Yummy. In the meantime, these photos are a great metaphor for how we view the world. Same moon rise (stimulus), different filters (beliefs & patterns) to create a different outcome (response or reaction). Which one is "right?" All of them.

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