Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Life is Like a Sandbox

I see hearts wherever I go.
'member when you were a child playing in a sandbox? There are a lot of life's lessons that we can take with us when we leave the sandbox. And go on to bigger sandboxes. Like the beach. Reminds me of a non-beach-related Dave Dobson story . . .
Dave was sitting in a bar with a friend and at the end of the bar were two men having an animated argument. One of those Yuh-huh/Nuh-uh arguments. His friend commented about the men and Dave replied, "I don't see 2 men, I see 2 two-year-olds running their patterns."
Back to the beach: The house we're staying in has come with all the amenities, including fabulous beach thingies, like a pretty multi-coloured umbrella. Our party left the umbrella to go have lunch and when we returned, the umbrella was under someone's lounge chair. AND they were not going to give it back. She was getting the umbrella and then another woman from the other party told SIL's sister, F, that she couldn't take it because it might be ours. Really??? Might?
The question is: How do you play in your sandbox? Are you kind? Do you share? Do you take things that don't belong to you and claim them for your own? Do you scream mine? Do you play well with others? Do you have a smile for strangers or are they automatic outsiders unworthy of your attention & caring? What patterns are you running?
Back to the umbrella: F is a v. patient mother and is in the midst of potty-training. She is adept at dealing with childish behaviour from children of all ages. She said something like, You had 2 umbrellas, now you have 3. We're missing ours that looks just like the one that is under your chair. Phew! She got back the umbrella.

I see hearts wherever I go.


jane bliss said...

Hali beachcomber~

I love the beautiful beach treats~
thanks for sharing!

Don't you think that time kinda stops while playing at the beach?

b. bliss

p.s. I always share my sand toys!

Hali Chambers said...

Hi Blissful~
It's so funny that you say that about brother built a sand castle & asked my sister how much time he killed. She said, "There is no time, there is only NOW." Hahahaha It really does stop . . . and a moment is an eternity . . . in the here and now . . . . :-) H.

P.S. Growing up in a big fam, we learned to share whether we liked it or not! ;-)