Friday, August 15, 2008


This hawk lives down by the river and escorts me down my road sometimes as I'm driving out. There are lots of animals that I've not managed to get photos of. Fisherman Willie has a beaver family living near his river lot. There's a mink across the river that scampers around after sundown. Singing bullfrogs and screeching owls. Last week I felt something flap in my ear. Willie said, "That was just a bat." Knowing Willie, I thought he was joking. He was not. I'm rather fond of bats. In Shamanic traditions, when you have an affinity for a certain animal, you look for the characteristics of that animal in yourself. Which means perhaps I am a bit batty. Hahaha

The next part of the post is now obsolete, since I've regained uploadability:
I may as well have written a story about the mink or the coyote or the bear because my AWESOME hawk photo is not uploading. Stoopid blogger. Or perhaps it's my ISP. Or the weather. Or the alignment of the planets. This puts a damper on my Backyard Animals theme. How can I just slap up a picture and be done with a spiffy post if the photo won't slap??? Hehhhh....I could interprelate this through the Door of Hawk: what am I not noticing? Hahahaha I will make an effort to upload it later. In the meantime, on with the day! :-) H.

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