Wednesday, August 6, 2008

But What CAN I Eat???

Yesterday's post reviewed food additives. Today is about food. There are a few books Dan Murphy recommends:

Milk: The Deadly Poison
The Paleo Diet
Health & Nutrition Secrets That Can Save Your Life
The Cortisol Connection: Why Stress Makes You Fat & Ruins Your Health

There are a few foods that Dr. Murphy says we should eliminate:
*Soy~ except tofu is OK. Here are some articles from Dr. Mercola about the health risks of soy.
*Anything refined~ breads, pastas, white-anything including rice
*Peanut butter products~ peanuts grow a mold that is an aflotoxin (corn is #2). Peanuts are OK to eat from their shell if they look blemish-free, but those aren't the ones that go into peanut butter.
*Anything genetically modified. Unless it says "organic," it's most likely a GMO-- especially if it it's corn or soy.
*Farm-raised Salmon--toxic!!! Get WILD.
*Factory farmed meat. Get organic. They feed chickens arsenic as an appetite enhancer. Not to mention the drugs, hormones, pesticides in their food, and the inhumane living conditions for the animals. (Read the classic Diet for A New America for the whole story).
*Fruit juice (too much sugar)

*Grains~ especially wheat. One in 132 people have a gluten intolerance/allergy (from wheat, rye, barley a.k.a. Celiac's Disease) and don't know it. It's not the best choice for food, anyway. Dan says that when we look at our ancestors, they didn't eat the concentrated amounts of grains that we do in our modern society.
*High glycemic index foods, like . . . potatoes. NOOOOOOO!!!! One of my faves. :-(

Tomorrow, I'll answer the question: So what DO you eat????

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