Friday, August 29, 2008

Random Brother References

Brother D & I went to the beach yesterday & played in the churning ocean. I was not as brave as he--pretty much I went in up to my shins. But when a wave came, it was up to my waist. It was a good workout, tho. Afterward, we sat on the beach for a bit. There were some girls nears us. I thought they must be cousins or sisters or friends. One of them had this bathing suit:
Brother D said, "Oh, look at that. A fake tramp stamp? Printed on the bikini?" Then she put on a T-shirt and it said, Jesus Loves this Chick. group. I thought they were sister-cousin-friends....
It was v. windy and little sand pieces were coming at us. Then it started spitting rain at us. Should we go in? Then we both started doing our Mum imitations: No that's all riiiiiight. I'm not getting wet. Then Brother D said, It's a DRY rain. Hahahahaha
We have a huge fruit bowl, but Brother D said no one could eat this peach:

Because it looks like a butt, of course.

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