Monday, November 11, 2013

Bingo on a Foggy Day

These were taken Saturday morning, before I went to pick up Reggie. It was a foggy morning.

Yes, I know. No focal point. Nothing to draw the eye in. Just the woods. 

Nice shot of the gate!

All the vegetation has died down along the creek leading to the lake.

Tabby walking along a branch.
 OK, I have to set this next set of pictures up. It's hard to tell, but it's a bit of a steep hill leading down to the creek. So I stay up and let Bingo go down.

Usually when I give a tug on the leash, she comes back around.

But she got stuck in the brush.
 I was teetering at the top as she was pulling on the leash. But I got a photo before going down to untangle her. I'm such a photo journalist. You're welcome.

Such a typical cat expression. A mixture of ennui and disdain.
 Back up the trail:

Looking across the lake.

And back into the yard.

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