Monday, November 25, 2013

Doggie Monday

Here are Reggie & Bingo sharing a bed in my office:

See this bone? I got it for Bingo when I first got her. She's not a chewer. So now it's Reggie's.
 I have to watch him, tho. He's very quiet but he likes to chew the beds. He picked apart a corner of this bed & was pulling out the stuffing. He's very quiet about it, too. I think he's gnawing away at his chew toy & I look down to see him surrounded by pillow fluff.


Nephew RoRo came for a vizzie & he wanted Bingo to lick his hand. She wasn't obliging him enough, so I said, "Do you really want her to lick you hand? Hang on." And then I spread peanut butter on his hand like it was a slice of bread.

 And guess what?! The fence is done!

You know what Tabby's thinking about all this!

Reggie is SO HAPPY! He runs circles around Bingo & romps all over the place.

 The first morning I let them out, they ran around and then banged up against the back fence, which swung open. And out they both flew into the woods. So I ran & got a leash & was running thru the woods yelling, "BINGO!" The neighbors might have been wondering what kind of woodsy-game I'm playing at 7:15 a.m. I managed to get Bingo and then of course Reggie followed. That was our bit of excitement. And exercise.

Whatchya lookin' at, RoRo?

Next on the list: dog door. Reggie can get in & out, but not for long. And Bingo needs to be able to come in & out as she needs to, as well.
 For the first few days, Reggie would go out thru the cat door, but not back in. So then I leave the door open for him & he does a little dance:

Friend Rita came over with Dana & Roy for a vizzie:
Dana & Bingo.

Reggie & Dana.

Here's Roy.

Reggie's just a streak around the yard!

Kisses for Mommy.

 I took Bingo & Reggie over to Rita's Saturday & dropped them off for a sleepover & picked them up after church on Sunday. They get a good work out. They are sacked out on their beds after dinner!

Something that I've discovered with the fence is that Reggie & Bingo are barkers! Thankfully, NOT at squirrels or it would be v. noisy! People walking on the road, any activity around the house behind us--even stuff across the lake. I don't want to be that neighbor with the barky dogs! But I guess I am. Will have to take peace offerings at Christmas time.  :-)  Rita says that Reggie is going to be the watch dog. He's much barkier than Bingo. Thankfully, they don't do it in the house.

And that was our exciting week!

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