Saturday, November 16, 2013

England, Part 3: Birmingham & The Goo Goo Dolls!

Mum will roll her eyes and ignore this post. Stay with me for a bit, Mum.

Brother Atlasta & I went to Birmingham to see the Goo Goo Dolls, who just happened to be on their U.K. tour with Flesh for Lulu. We had some time before the concert, so we went into this church:

Outside of the church.

And then we went into some shops:

I told him to do something to illustrate "BAM". 

This was the venue where the concert was:

OK, this is prolly where you can stop reading, Mum.  ;-) The rest of us shall carry on.

Jolly good.
Flesh for Lulu. Such a blast from the past! I saw them the last time I was in London in 1985.

Everywhere we went, people assumed we were married. Ha! And then would doubley-apologize with "I'm tebbly sorry" or "dreadfully sorry" or something else very politely British.

I posted this even tho it's blurry.  Hehhhh . . . but look how IN-FOCUS that guy's ear is in front of me! But I posted it because John Rzeznik is a pretty funny guy. And Atlasta said that it was a good concert and also like going to a comedy show.

As John Morgan said to me, "You'd have to be a real fan to like these."

Someone else posted a decent clip, tho:

Is it just me? I swear I heard him say "Something-something-something" in there. 

So here's another clip talking about accents:

And here's a song, but the sound quality isn't that great, so to re-quote John Morgan, for "real fans."

We stood in line with some die-hard fans; a coupla gals from Germany. Oh yeah? WE came all the way from AMERICA. (Not really true, we were  there for a wedding. Still. Farther away than Germany. So we WIN. Mum will like that. We beat the Gerries. Heh). And we met a British gal who was following the tour & it was her 27th show that night. We never got her name, so we just called her 27, of course. She told us about a game she used to play with her brother in the car; points for whoever saw road kill--and what kind, how big, etc. So we could've named her something way worse than 27. Such philosophical convos, standing in line.

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