Friday, November 15, 2013

England, Part 2

Mum Visits Friend Rosalie
We just showed up on her doorstep because we didn't have a phone number. Fortunately, she and husband Ken were home!
 So we went to a pub:
This was our view. 

I had mushy peas, of course. But thought this was an interesting distinction: ENGLISH mustard. I don't actually remember the incident, but apparently when I was 16, I requested mustard and SLATHERED it on a sandwich. And then proceeded to choke. Because ENGLISH mustard is HOT.

More English countryside. And rain.
 And this! This is Ken & Rosalie's garden:

Getting the tour.

Rosalie is a retired doctor. She also does lace BY HAND.

I love the names on the signs: Papplewick.
 More English countryside:

More hedges.

This was at our little cottage:

One day when were driving back to the cottage, I saw a rainbow! But as I was going to take a photo, the hedge got in the way. (This was a running joke about taking photos from the car)! Atlasta offered to turn around to get another shot. "No, we don't need to turn around. We already saw it," says Mum. Hehhhhh . . . but we did turn around, and this was all I got:

But this was the REAL reason Atlasta wanted to turn around:

He said this road sign looked like boobs. Hahahaha 

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