Tuesday, November 19, 2013

England: Lincolnshire

The last part of our trip, we visited Mum's old nursing school friend, "Scatty" Anne Batty, who told some very entertaining stories! They used to put gin in a tea pot and have "tea." And there were stories of missing curfews and climbing over fences and thru windows to get back into the dorm. Good times.
This was on the way to Anne's. We stopped & did some shopping:

I took this pic because Tremayne is the last name of one of my favourite bloggers.

Feeling peckish? Well, are you? Years ago, I said I was feeling peckish to John Morgan and he said that wasn't a thing. I assured him it was. See? It's on a sign. It's a British thing. 
We didn't eat here because I was saving myself for Indian. 

Random shot of chandeliers.

What's this, you ask? It's the ceiling of a store we went to. It looked like shredded paper. Atlasta ran his hand across it. It was not paper. It was METAL. Fortunately, he didn't bleed.
On to the Indian restaurant where they had dosas!
Giant ones. Heaven!

I have no idea why I took this photo of Atlasta holding an elephant. He prolly said something funny and I thought I'd remember what he said by taking the picture. I do not. 
This is at Anne's house, looking out her kitchen window into her back yard:

I'm sure John will tell me WHICH of these 2 photos is the best.

Anne calls this her summer house. The wheels are turning in my head for something similar down by my lake.

And we'll finish with a few pix of Mum & Anne:

John fancied this one up for me:

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