Friday, June 6, 2008


I was in the grocery store yesterday with the nieces and thought I'd get some popcorn as a snack. No! We don't neeeeeeeeeeeeeed microwave popcorn! Daddy has a popcorn popper! they said. I must confess that I started imagining just what kind of popper this would be given my brother's tendency toward gizmo-gadgetitis. I was too tired to face another one of my brother's appliances that I needed Stephen Hawking to explain to me. Organic microwave popcorn, it is.

In Doug O'Brien's How Deep the Rabbit Hole?, he poses the question:

How much of your expertise is based on knowing what NOT to do?

How much of it came from making mistakes?

What are mistakes, anyway? Aren't they part of the learning process? Sometimes what I labeled as a mistake, ended up being one of my most valuable learning experiences. Does that still make it a mistake? And sometimes they provide a good laugh:

So let me s'plain. The microwave has a handy Popcorn setting. It didn't pop the recommended time listed on the bag and it left lots of kernels on the bottom. So I repopped them. Here comes the mistake part: I didn't close up the bag, so the kernels popped all over the microwave. It was v. entertaining and we all had a good laugh that we'd not have had otherwise. So here's what I've learned:

Most mistakes clean up. Go for the laughs.

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