Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Treasure in the Desert

I'm off to Georgia, so this will be my last post til next week. I've had a fab time at my brother's. Today I walked along the sidewalk to the house and discovered that the HUGE bush is gardenia, my favourite flower. I remarked to my brother about it and he said, "Really? I have gardenias? I'm impervious to beauty." The perfume is intoxicating. Mmmm....and now we transition to the Hindu elephant head god, Ganesh. [Please Meester Simpson, do not offer peanuts to my god]

I have been telling an ongoing story to the nieces with them as the heroines. They've gone on all sorts of magical adventures and I've tied in different songs and myths. Most recently they are helping the Maharaj of Gunga Din in India to locate his stolen statue of Ganesh. I just happened to find an el-cheapo Ganesh statue at Ross's, so I'm burying it in the sandbox and they'll find it on a treasure hunt tomorrow after I've left. It starts with a letter from the Maharaj. Good times.

P.S. I discovered this awesOMe yoga studio, Journey Home, here. I've so missed Yoga East, and it was great to be able to practice in a class again. Thanks, Laura! :-)

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