Thursday, June 19, 2008

Visit at Dr. Lee's Office

Cool mission statement, huh? #3 is v. Jerry Stocking-ish.

Every Tuesday morning, the office is closed and Dr. Lee treats the staff and they work on each other. Then they go to lunch for a meeting. How cool is that?! Here he is adjusting Donna with the adjustor.

Me & the doc in the footbath room.

I'm sorry not to have gotten more pictures. I had wanted to get a group photo, but they were SO busy Wed. a.m. that there was no time. I also wanted to get some of the tensegrity room. My lungs are pretty much cleared out from that and all the other work we did. I'm on the mend! On the last day Dr. Lee put me to work on a patient with the percussor. She had a charming southern accent and said, "Dahling, I wish I could take you home with me." Well, as a matter of fact, you can...

THANKS to Dr. Lee and Sally, Diane, Donna, Jan, & Virginia for making me feel so WELCOME!

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