Thursday, October 23, 2008


I've had a headache all week. As much as I didn't want to drive anywhere, I finally reached my limit and scheduled an afternoon appointment with Dr. King in his Harrisonburg office yesterday. (Thank you, John for the little nudge). Physical pain is draining and distracting. I can get away from it with meditation, but at some point, I have to do the dishes, do my job, live a regular life & whatnot. So I started down my road . . .

. . . and as I was coming down my driveway, I was struck with the absolute BEAUTY. I've been reading Jill Bolte-Taylor's My Stroke of Insight. She talks about how during her stroke, her left-brain was silenced, and she had the most glorious sensation of being completely connected and ONE with the universe. I have had these experiences, as well. I got there through the door of migraine pain, because when you're in that much pain, where can you go?

So even as I'm going through this physical pain, the heavens are singing (well, actually it was the Goo Goo Dolls Yeah, you have become beautiful) and I'm feeling light-hearted as I'm driving down the road. And since I was going to the Big City, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to go to the DMV & get my official VA driver's lisence:

No, officer. I wasn't speeding.

So here's my previous WV photo:

4 years ago, it took me 3 months to renew my WV lisence. I was so sick, I couldn't get to the DMV. This was a couple months before I went to the Brimhall Clinic for the first time. I feel like I let a part of that painful past go yesterday. Even tho I had a headache this week, it was spit compared to what I experienced in the past. I'm so grateful for my life as it is now, in this moment. I'm so grateful for Dr. King adjusting me & getting my head back on straight! And I am so grateful, that no matter what, no matter how I'm feeling physically, that the presence of God is in me and around me and everywhere.
What a BLESSED life I am living.

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