Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm not sick, I'm cleansing

It started as a tickle-in-the-throat Sunday night as I was driving home after the CSFT seminar. Eh. I ignored it. Monday I had a TO DO List. Somebody said, "Acceptance is the beginning of transformation." The Grasshopper? Eckhart Tolle? Who? Anyway, when I got back to the river house on Tuesday I finally acknowledged the fever, the laryngitis, the aches and other sensations I was feeling. I spent the day sleeping interspersed between hot baths. I drank lemon & honey tea. I got in my EB305 footbath. I read The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski. [Book report to follow when I'm finished--but oh! Delicious. Intriguing. Bittersweet. Smart. That's all I'm saying. If you're a fan of Oprah, and if you're not, she's on to something with this book!]
Wednesday was a new day. I always feel so good after a fever, like it's burned up all the impurities. I woke up with energy again and got a tremendous amount done. I'd done a HUGE shop to stock up my pantry. I don't do a lot of prepackaged stuff, but look! Indian food on sale at Big Lots! And Gluten Free rice noodles. Martins had a sale on organic beans. Omega-3 fatty acids, second shelf to the right. Woo-hoo! This picture of a few shelves is for you, Mum:

Mum calls this my Mormon pantry.

Later today I'll be heading back out to meet up with chiro-sister at Mum's to go to a Brimhall seminar. YAY, us! One of the things I did in addition to stocking up the pantry, was to clean my car.

Perma-frost of river road dirt.

Um. Yeah, the inside. I always wait until I get out to civilization to wash the outside.

When I called Mum yesterday, she answered the phone with laryngitis. Well, I've been talking everyday for 6 hours straight in the classroom. Because, you know. She's not sick. Never mind that I used her toothbrush. What?! Kidding. I'm bringing the footbath over for you, Mum.

Yes, I am. Don't argue with me. ;-) When I was growing up, whenever we got sick, my dad would say, "Well? Have you been washing out your nose? Yogis in India do it everyday, and they never get sick." Hehhhh...nothing like snorting water up your nose. This was a big joke in the family and even when I went to visit my old teacher-friend, Quinn at Wakefield recently, he made reference to it. Of course, growing up I was so embarrassed. Shut up about nose-washing, Dad!

The good news is that there's an idiot-proof way of doing it, and it really does help. Darnit. Dad was right. The Neti Pot clears out the sinuses and is v. easy to use. So if you're prone to sinus infections, allergies, etc. it really does help. It's not too bad, once you get used to it. I can't say I enjoy it. It's rather like exercise: I like having done it. And I only do it when I get sick. Which is not v. often, thankfully. So, on with the day! Since I'm away for the weekend, I prolly won't post again until Monday.

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