Monday, October 13, 2008

Road Trip

I'm back from my Brimhall weekend, but will wait to post about it until I can do pictures with the post. I'm at Mum's and don't have the ability to download my camera. However, I will say this: It was AWESOME. But it's not the just the seminar and the fact that I always learn something new, it's the whole package: It's getting to see old friends and new ones, too. It's the relief of having a quiet hotel room and sleeping well through the night. It's the laughs and the insights and the inspiration. It's all of that. It's the road trip with chiro-sister Ruthie. We had a blast rockin' out to the Goo Goo Dolls as we blazed up the highway. LET LOVE IN! We had my car GPS & Ruth's portable GPS AND mapquest directions just in case...and we made it there without getting lost. Mostly. Ruth pointed out that I'm a bit spazzy when I don't know where I'm going at first. It's true. I get a bit flustered, but then I'm OK. It reminds me of Dave Dobson who said that people's patterns come out when they're uncomfortable or stressed. You can use anything as a metaphor for your life; e.g. cars. How well do you take care of your car? How well do you take care of yourself? Do you take time to clean it out or do you shove stuff in the glove box and other nooks & crannies? What else do you stuff away and not deal with? Bills? Health issues? Emotions? Is your car clean on the outside and messy on the inside or both? How about your body? Do you pay meticulous attention to your appearance but eat junk food? What's the breaking point before you can't stand it anymore and have to clean? Do you have a breaking point?

How's your driving? Are you always late and speeding? How's your life? Do you take time or are you always on the go rushing here & there? Are you a curteous driver? How aware of other drivers are you? Do you let others in to your lane? Do you allow them to pass you or do you speed up? How well do you merge with traffic? Do you yield? Do you make room for others to get on the highway with you? If you're in the fast lane and someone comes speeding up behind you, do you get out of their way? Do you let them make their own choices about their speed or do you hold up traffic going the speed limit because everyone should do what you do? Interesting.

Of course, we were just talking about driving. Back tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I forget that my car needs more than gas. LOL. Am usualy courtous and on time. Don't usualy get upset at other drivers or really care what they're doing unless it's dangerous. Try to take care of myself but not always deny a morning MD hash brown craving.

:) Interesting analogy. Heard something simular about your house being a reflection of self. Where is it messy as realation to issues. May have to try to find that again.

Hali Chambers said...

Oh yeah! Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui is an EXCELLENT book about that! I should do a book review... Thanks for stopping by! I hope this comment posts, sometimes it won't, so if you don't see a response from me, that's why! :-) H.