Thursday, October 16, 2008

Snuffy the Black-nosed Beagle

Today is Snuffy's birthday. Snuffy is John Morgan's v. cute beagle. He has reached celebrity status on his first CD cover of our newest release, Hypnosis for Dogs. Hypnosis for dogs? you may ask. Trance is not a phenomenon exclusive to us humans. If you've been looking for a way to calm your dog during a thunderstorm, or to deal with separation anxiety, this is the CD for you! It teaches you how to train your dog to relax with a simple command. There's a part that guides you through working with your dog. What's really cool about this is that John did some research into sound and then had a musician compose specific music to calm down brain waves into a relaxed alpha/theta state. Even cooler, is that he has a track that you can put on repeat to play while you're away.
Back to Snuffy. He has tricks. His most famous is Circus Dog. He tugs on his big rope and John says, "Do Circus Dog!" and then he twirls all the way around. Then everyone claps for him. It's v. funny and I hope it gets recorded and put on YouTube someday. It would be an instant hit. You can read more about Snuffy & his specialness from John's b-day blog post from last year. In the meantime,
Happy 5th Birthday, Snuffy!

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