Saturday, October 25, 2008

I have successfully failed to upload this a.m. It's been raining v. hard & the satellite rebels against all that drippy wetness. Here's a shot of the river from a coupla days ago:

This is Neighbor Dave's lot next to Fisherman Willie's.

See the postbox on the far left with the duct tape? Guess who's. A branch fell on it and Neighbor Dave asked me if I wanted to replace it. I said duct tape would fix it. Really? he asked. Yes, because it's funnier. When I went down to check my post, he had repaired it. My dad used to say that if there were a nuclear war, the things that would survive would be cockroaches & marachino cherries. And now we can add my postbox.

So I joined Facebook. And I'm still figuring stuff out. A message on my wall? What? A note to my Facebook friends (all 3 of you): Thanks for your patience. ;-)

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