Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Back from Florida with a few pix

I went to visit my friend Robbie. She has a beautiful little lake that I walked everyday. Once around = a mile. Lots of beautiful flowers and wildlife. Apparently every once in a while, an alligator sneaks in. Bummer.

These are Norfolk pines. Mum has one in her sun room. Not this big, tho.

Robbie taking a walk.

Trumpet flower?

Awesome mimosa tree!

I could write a whole story on The Rose in the Lake . . . .

Shy turtles.

This guy was such a show off for me everytime I walked by!

I see hearts wherever I go.

I didn't have internet (yes, I know: Starbucks), but I did have my Blackberry. So I got v. good at tweeting on Twitter. It's like micro-blogging; little phrases here & there. John Morgan is on there with little Grasshopper messages. Way cool. I've put a widget on the blog sidebar for you, Mum. I know you won't sign up! Anyway, I'm back in VA and will be regularly blogging again.

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