Friday, April 17, 2009

Matrix Energetics

After Jerry Stocking, I went with my friend Vicky-from-NY to a Matrix Energetics seminar with Richard Bartlett, D.C. I'm posting this intro to it. What do you think? I saw this and thought Tent Revival. But Vicky did some work with me, and I could feel a difference. And I've been playing with it and I'm noticing . . . things. I was telling Chiro-sister about it this morning. Blah blah blah weird blah blah quantum physics blah blah Bruce Lipton blah blah and Richard is such a goofball. She said, "Wait. This is weird even for YOU?" And then she said, "I guess you have to decide if you want to be a goofball." Because you know. Healing is serious. Hahahaha Except when it's not. This is where Brother D would say, "What did you say about snot?" Hahahaha So I will be back tomorrow with tales of dolphins and carpets and fainting spells. Oh my!

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