Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Have you ever woken up and lay in bed arguing with yourself about getting up? This morning I wasn't even arguing.

I have spent the past few months on the phone seemingly non-stop. I have a photo of a woman on the phone that I kept from a Washington Post magazine story. I love the retro vibe to it, and it always reminded me of John Morgan. This week is most likely our last seminar week unless it's not, and I find myself with a sudden abundance of time. This is what people complain that they don't have enough of, right?

When the lay-offs happened at XM, XM Radio Guy said that people would say things like, "Now I'll have time to finish my movie script, write my book, open up a recording studio." XM Radio Guy said, "Now I'll finally have time to create my own breakfast cereal." Yeah, gluten free.

As XM Radio Guy is fond of saying, "I got nothin'. I got crickets." Back tomorrow . . . with something?

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